Some Good android tutorials

The google support for each feature in the android platform is pretty exhaustive and their Developer site is a treasure trove of information and tutorials. In addition to these resources, while understanding the platform i came across some great tutorials.

Google now uses the stackoverflow android tag as an additional forum for answering developer queries.

Presented here is a list of tutorials/resources that I had come across during my study of the various aspects of android.

1) Starting with the most basic -

Installing an apk file on the google android phone
and using various hardware devices

2) Maps in android

A hello world tutorial
Detecting and zooming on doubletaps in a map
Driving directions

3) Auto-start, background threads and push notifications

Auto Start


Part 1 – getting the json data
Part 2 – parsing the objects created to a custom adapter
Part 3 – Lazy loading of images

Another REST example


SOAP using the KSOAP-2 library

6) MVC in android


More links and useful tutorials will be posted here as and when i explore newer features of this wonderful platform. Next stop – apps for android using HTML/CSS and JavaScript